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A spectacular MMO set in a world full of dinosaurs


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Dec 17th, 2019

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Durango is an MMORPG where you play one of the survivors of a strange incident that has transported tons of normal people to an unknown world teeming with dinosaurs. In this primitive world, you have to build tools, hunt dinosaurs, collect herbs, cook, and more.

The first thing that stands out in Durango is its impressive settings. This is an enormous video game where you can move around gigantic sceneries full of details. At any moment, you can pick berries from the ground, chop down trees, interact with other characters, build shelter, or of course, fight against an enemy.

The combat system in Durango has two modes. On one hand, you can activate automatic mode where your character will attack every chance he gets; while on the other hand, you can fight in manual mode, taking control of the attack and avoidance moves yourself. In order to have a chance at winning a combat, you need weapons. Fortunately, you can build dozens upon dozens of different weapons.

Durango is an impressive MMORPG in every sense of the word. It's not just the fact that the game have spectacular graphics, much better than other similar games in the genre; or that it offers an overwhelming amount of content. The fact of the matter is, everything this game does, it does it well. And it does a lot.
Reviewed by Andrés López


The game is in closed beta, so you need an invitation code in order to play.

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Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category RPG
Language English
44 more
Author NEXON Company
Downloads 548,632
Date Dec 17th, 2019
Content Rating +12

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5.1.2+1912121139 Dec 13th, 2019
5.1.1+1912061543 Dec 9th, 2019
5.1.0+1912021924 Dec 4th, 2019
5.0.1+1911082000 Nov 12th, 2019
4.9.2+1910081514 Oct 10th, 2019
4.9.0+1909201715 Sep 30th, 2019

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bigsilvereagle63568 icon
bigsilvereagle63568 7 days ago

Why can't I install the game?

j.sediarin icon
j.sediarin 9 months ago

I like this game and I'm happy to play it ☺️

awesomegoldenquail45110 icon
awesomegoldenquail45110 11 months ago

this game must come back sometime, it was the super game mmorpg a real gem

grumpysilvergrape39248 icon
grumpysilvergrape39248 12 months ago

sir my phone not device not play games not open please help me please please

jbbandojo icon
jbbandojo 12 months ago

The Game Is Not Comatible With My Phone😑😑

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